Tarteist Clay Paint Liner – Review 

My new favourite eye liner for creating a winged look. It gives an amazing colour pay out. One of the blackest eye liners and great for creating a wing. I even love the brush that comes with it. Makes me feel like an artist, creating a masterpiece winged eyeliner. I know not everyone is a fan of the brush, in which case I would recommend using an angled brush. It glides on smoothly and feels very creamy. I usually give it a few seconds to dry out completely on the eye lids.

The product is free of Parabens and Phthalates, which is sometime I like specially in a  product that is so close to my eye. The other good thing is that using a brush makes the application hygienic, provided the brush is cleaned regularly. I also always set my eye liner with black eye shadow to prevent smudges, and so far I have no complains.

It is claimed to be waterproof and long wearing. The product retails for $29CAD.

The Cons

It is essential to squeeze the tube very gently so that excess product does not come out. Also the excess product dries up on the palate. I feel like it is important to work quickly so that the product does not dry on the palate and get chunky. The palate has to cleaned regularly to get rid of all the left over product (picture below from here). Overall a lot of cleaning is involved (lol) when compared to a felt tip eye liner.

Another concern is that it could get hard to use the product when the tube is mostly empty


The Verdict

Even though the product can get messy at times, I like the feel of the product and the way it looks on the eyes. I also love that it lasts a very long time without smudging. Over all I love the product, but not a huge fan of the packaging.

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