Products I Regret Buying

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Today is a slightly different post. I will be talking about some products that didn’t work for me. 
Nexxus Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Elixir

It is a leave in treatment for the hair, which promises to rebuilt the strength of damaged hair and combat 8 signs of aging hair: volume loss, breakage, less shine, roughness, dryness, brittleness, unruliness and loss of color vibrancy.

The claims are very promising and which is the main reason I wanted to try this product out.

How to use

It is recommend to squeeze out 3-4 drops of the product on the palm of your hand and rub it gently all over damp hair.

Why the product didn’t work for me:

For starter, it is very difficult to squeeze product out of the dropper that comes with it. The treatment has a conditioner like consistency which is quite think for the dropper. I ended up using the product straight out of the bottle. The packaging just didn’t work for me.

The product retails for around $21 USD which is quite pricey for a drugstore brand, especially when you only get 28ml of it. I used it for less than a month(2-3/week) and it was over. I felt like it was not worth the money.

Finally I didn’t notice any difference in my hair after using this product. It feels exactly the same after using it.

There are better products in the market which make hair feel and look better. However some of the other products in the line are good. I have also tried the restoring masque from the same line and I quite like that. But the elixir just didn’t work for me.

L’oreal Infallible 2-Step Longwear lipstick

I was very excited when I bought this one. Following the liquid lipstick trend I was excited to try one from the drug store. The two step formulas are generally very long lasting.

It is available in 14 shades and retails for $13USD. The colours are beautiful and very pigmented. According to L’oreal these lipsticks are longwear with up to 24H colour intensity, provide all day comfort, moisturizing feel, and do not transfer, even wear. the claims definitely increased my expectations.

How to use

It comes with the colour on one end and a lip balm on the other end. Apply the colour to my lips and then wait for it to dry. Once the lipstick had dried, apply the lip balm. The lip balm takes away the dryness and the wear is comfortable. It is recommended to reapply the lip balm every few hours or as and when the lips start to feel uncomfortable. The colour should last 24 hours with just one application.

Why it didn’t work for me

I swatched the product in store and it lasted all day on my hand. Survived me washing my hands too. I had to use oil and rub it off to get rid of the product. (this got me very excited about the product)

I put it on, the moment I got home. The colour is very pigment. However, my lips felt very dry after applying it, but I waited for the lipstick to dry completely and then applied the lip balm. For me the lipstick application wasn’t smooth. The first layer looked very patchy so I had to go over it to give it a more even look.

It was time for dinner and this was the real test. Unfortunately the lipstick failed miserably. There were little flakes of the lipstick all over the spoon/fork. The lipstick was  breaking apart on my lips. It felt very uncomfortable. It got so bad that I had to wash it off in the middle of my meal. I rubbed my lips with my fingers and tiny chunks of the lipstick fell out.

My Verdict

It lasted surprisingly well on my hand but on the lips it was patchy and started to flake. Very disappointed with this product and wouldn’t recommend it to any one.

However not all products in the line are bad. Infact the Infallible foundation is one of my holy grail. You can read about that one here.

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