GHD Straightner – Straighten and Curl your hair with just one device

My first hair related post. I am excited to be talking about something slightly different today.

To start let me talk a bit about my hair

I have very fine hair. It is also quite wavy. I usually find it very easy to straighten them but curling my hair is usually a huge task, especially to make the curls stay. So let’s begin, but before you pick up your heat tools always remember, not to commit these mistakes

  • Make sure your hair is completely dry. Straightening or curling when the hair is still wet is very damaging to the hair. Its almost like frying your hair and causes a lot of split ends and frizz
  • Always apply a good heat protectant before applying any heat to your hair. This is essential. My go to heat protectants are Tresemme heat protectant spray from the drug store and Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil for high end.

For your reference this is how my hair is after washing, air drying and brushing.


My go to device for both straightening and curling my hair is the GHD straightener. I absolutely love love this straightener. Before I invested in the Ghd straighter, I used to have a drugstore straighter and a separate curling wand also from the drugstore. The straightener used to work quite well, I could successfully straighten my hair but to achieve good results, I had to spend quite a bit of time. With the Ghd it is super quick,  barely takes me 5mins to straighten all my hair and I timed it. lol šŸ™‚

A pic of my hair straightened. I straightened them in less than 5mins.


Curling my hair is a different ball game. With a drugstore curling wand, I had to use loads of setting spray to hold the curls, which made my hair feel so crunchy. This really discouraged me from curling my hair.  I barely used to curl this way. At least not until I started using my GHD straightener to curl hair. With the GHD I don’t use any settling spray and my hair holds the curl beautifully throughout the day, and it looks pretty decent even the next day.  I saw a bunch of youtube tutorials and after some practice, I can now curl my hair in under 30 mins. I section my hair off and curl it in small sections, which I believe is the quickest way to get the results your looking for. The picture below is how my hair looks when I curled it in the morning around 11am, it’s a little past 10pm when this picture was taken

My experience with the GHD Straightener

As you can tell by now, I love this straightener. I bought it a little over a year ago and have been using it non stop (almost daily). I have the classic 1inch style which retails for CAD225. I agree it is steep, but I feel it is worth every penny. I highly recommend it. It also comes with a universal power adapter, which makes it possible to use it even when your travelling over seas to places with a different power output. I absolutely love that about it, because I travel all the time. This straightener doesn’t have a temperature control which is the only drawback, but GHD claims that the default temp that is set on the device is not damaging and prevents the users from cracking up the heat too much. For me, this is not a big issue because I absolutely love the results I achieve with this.


Finishing Touches

After I am done straightening or curling my hair, I don’t like using a setting spray. Because I feel like it takes away from the softness of the hair and mostly my hair ends up feeling quite crunchy. I only use a shine spray. My favourite is the Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine Mist. It has a delicious coconut smell and the mist has tiny gold shimmer in it, which when sprayed on the hair, gives a beautiful shine. You can get this product from a hair salon or online.


Hope you liked this post. Leave your comments below as to which products you use to style your hair. Thanks for stopping by lovelies.

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