Sephora Cream Lip Stain

Liquid lipsticks are all the rave these days, especially for their matte finish and a long lasting formula. I recently rediscovered a favourite of mine, the sephora cream lip stain in Strawberry kissed. It is described by sephora as a matte bright pink red. I love the colour. It is more of a summer colour and it’s very bright, as the description suggests. 
About the Formula

Sephora claims that it is a high-coverage lip product which features avocado oil for a texture that transforms as you wear it: when applied, the initial cream texture becomes a silky, lightweight stain. Lips achieve stunning color and feel soft and comfortable.


My experience

My experience has been very positive with this product. It is very high coverage and  pigmented. It has a beautiful creamy texture which goes on the lips smoothly.

When applied, give it a few minutes to set and it dries on the lips beautifully. Lips don’t feel as dry as with some other liquid lipstick formulas. It however is not completely transfer proof as it did transfer onto my coffee mug, and after 4-5 hours of wear the insides of the lips wear off. But that is something I can live it. It is a lot more affordable than some of the other high-end liquid lipsticks like Kat Von D and Stilla.


  • Long wearing
  • Pigmented



  • Wears off on the inside of the lips
  • Not transfer proof

Overall I love the product, but I do still love the Kat Von D formula just a little bit better (because it doesn’t transfer). But for this price I would say it is a fabulous pick. 

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7 thoughts on “Sephora Cream Lip Stain

  1. lipsticksanddreams says:

    Great post! I just bought this lipstick in the same shade two weeks ago, what a coincidence haha! I have to say I really love it, it’s amazing! It doesn’t transfer from my lips, if I’m eating or drinking, it still stays put. I’m definitely planning to buy more.

    Liked by 1 person

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