Transition from Make Up Forever HD Foundation to MUFE Ultra HD Foundation

Since this is the most viewed post on my blog, I decided to update it.  Hope you find it useful 🙂  
The MUFE HD foundation was my first foundation which I wore regularly. It has been my holy grail for over 5 years and the one I always reached for when I would have pictures clicked. All major events of my life like grad pics,birthdays involve this foundation. Not only that, it was my lifeline through all the years that I struggled with severe case of nodular acne. It doesn’t clog my pores, provides the coverage I need and worked on my then oily skin. Over the years as my skin got dry I continued to use it and love it. It was my first love as far as any make product is concerned.

When I heard that MUFE was changing the formula I stocked up on the original but at the same time was very excited to try the new formula. So I got my hands on the MUFE Ultra HD foundation.

I have tried this new product out for almost a month under different weather conditions before writing this post. And I must say I quite like the new formula, maybe even more than the original formula.

Why I love this foundation(original and revised)

  • It looks amazing in photographs.
  • It lasts all day even in extremely humid and hot conditions
  • It works on oily and dry skin
  • It gives a smooth, slightly dewy finish to the skin
  • It looks like skin but better
  • It doesn’t look cakey
  • It’s easy to blend
  • Works well when applied with fingers, brush or beauty blender
  • Light to medium coverage which is buildable.
  • Doesn’t clog pore
  • Doesn’t bring out my dry patches
  • Doesn’t feel like your wearing makeup. I personally like the feeling of a lightweight foundation

What’s new in the revised formula

The new formula is a little more liquid than the original. Which means it feels lighter on the skin. But that is no way changes the coverage or how long it lasts on the skin. I actually like the new formula better now. It feels lighter with all the things that I love about the original formula.

The MUFE Ultra HD foundation comes in 40 shades (picture below from here)

shades mufe hd to ultra hd

 My Shade

I was in the shade 2Y07 from Sephora Colour IQ at the time of purchasing the MUFE ultra hd foundation. I got the shade Y365 which is equivalent to the original formula’s shade 123.

Originally I had the MUFE shade in 153 (My sephora colour IQ was 5Y07).

Picture taken in sunlight, no filters or editing

Picture taken in shade. No filters or editing

If you are in a country where the new formula has yet to be introduced don’t worry, the original formula is still amazing and it would be a great foundation that I would recommend to anyone looking for a good quality foundation.

Have you ever wondered why these products are launched so much later in some of the fastest growing markets like India and China. To give some perspective, the luxury cosmetic market in India is estimated at $1 Billion annually(TOI) and even bigger in China. I would say that should be motivation enough for companies to launch their latest and best products to attract more customer. However that is not the case. On a recent visit to a MUFE event at Sephora, New Delhi, I had the opportunity to talk to a MUFE representative and he told me that the latest products take a very long time to tickle into the developing markets like India. So why are the consumers treated so differently in these developing countries? I would like to appeal to these brands to give the consumers their latest products and build a loyal following before the consumers are wowed by alternate brands.

Thanks for reading my lovelies ❤️

This is not a sponsored post. All pictures are taken by me, unless otherwise stated.

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20 thoughts on “Transition from Make Up Forever HD Foundation to MUFE Ultra HD Foundation

  1. kippinsbeautyblog says:

    Great review & interesting with regards to why different markets receive them at different times.
    I’ve yet to use Makeup Forever as it’s hard to get here in Ireland but I’m heading to France in the summer and I know their Sephora stocks it (no sephora in Ireland) and hope to pick some bits up starting with this foundation 👍

    Liked by 1 person

  2. derpypink says:

    I haven’t tried that one yet. I prefer a medium coverage foundation so never got around to it. I am shade matched to 2y07 in sephora colour match and some of my other shades are Nars Sheer Glow in Stromboli, Chanel Beige 50, L’oreal true match lumi in W4, Mac NC 30-35 hope this helps 🙂


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