Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Eyeshadow Palette

ByilI ordered this baby during the black friday sales and have had a chance to play with a bit. I have been lusting over it since the day I saw it online on Sephora. Its gorgeous, I love the colour selection and the way they are displayed in a circular pattern. Also the end of this post has some exciting news ūüôā

 About the product

”¬†24 brand-new, exclusive eyeshadows totally re-invent the color wheel. Each one is finely milled and saturated with bold, pure pigment, giving you rich payoff and gorgeous blendability. ”

It also comes with a insert which illustrated tutorials for creating three loca looks!

The palette is so beautiful, which is the main reason I fell in love with it.

My thoughts

The colours are so beautiful and pigmented. They also blend very easily and feel so smooth and buttery. This is my first purchase of any eye

Here are the swatches of all the shades on the palette in natural light without any filters. I have not used any eyeshadow primer in any of the swatches. This is just the dry shadow. So pigmented right.

This palette is a good combination of mattes and shimmers which make it possible to create a full look.

Left to Right: Legend, Fran, Analogue, Harpsichord, Rewind, Destroyer, Swoon, Love, Anthem


Left to Right: Vinly, Misfit, Lemmy, Hyperballad, Synth, Dark Wave, Echo, Muse,

Inner Circle: Left to right: Lyric, Strutter, Vox, Moulder, Noble, Skulls, Black metal


The palette is very beautiful. The only thing I found lacking in the palette was a warm toned crease colour, that would match my skin tone. But I don’t think that is a big enough short coming to not love this palette. I am completely in Awe with this purchase.

Let me know what you think of eye shadow palette reviews of this Kind and I can do some more. ūüôā

Thanks for reading my lovelies¬†‚̧ԳŹ

This is not a sponsored post. All pictures are taken by me, unless otherwise stated.

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The news

I will be doing a giveaway as soon as I hit 250 followers and will be giving away this palette. Be sure to follow my blog so you don’t miss the chance ūüôā

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