Beauty Blender and Dupes

I will be discussing three makeup sponges today. The famous beauty blender and two drugstore alternates. I think these stones are such an amazing invention to use for makeup application. It makes it so easy to apply apply foundation. Don’t forget, it works best when wet.


Beauty Blender 

This is the product that is set the bench mark for all makeup sponges. It is very easy to blend the makeup and give a flawless finish.  The original (pink) beauty blender retails for $28CAD.

Real Techniques 

Compared to the beauty blender it feels a little only slightly tougher i.e. not as smooth but still extremely smooth. It has a slitty different shape when compared to the beauty blender which some people prefer. It had a flat end which I prefer. The other good thing is that it is available at the drugstore and retails for 6.99USD at Ulta, in canada I got mine from London Drugs.


I have been using this one for the longest time, close to 8-10 Months. I got mine from Shoppers Drug Mart. It feels just like the Real Techniques sponge. I would say the real techniques sponge and this one only differ in their shape. I got mine for a deal 2 for $8 or $10 CAD  (don’t remember exactly).

Cleaning sponges

I clean all my makeup sponges by applying some face wash on them and rinsing it under running water. I repeat the process until the water is clean.


I find all three sponges are able to do the job well and are very comparable. If your on a budget and don’t want to spend the huge chunk on a beauty blender I highly suggest trying out these two drug store alternates. I am sure you wouldn’t be disappointed. However that being said, I still feel the beauty blender is the best among these, but the fact that I don’t miss it when I am using any of the other two products mentioned here says a lot. Hope you found this comparison useful.

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10 thoughts on “Beauty Blender and Dupes

  1. yakshikha09kashyap says:

    Thats a very good post… and everyone needs to know this as nowadays makeup is the foremost thing for us.. and with these beauty blenders its so much easy to apply foundation to the face…😊😊😊

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