So many Lolita 

Hi Lovelies

This post is dedicated to the cult favourite  shade Lolita by Kat Von D. There are a total of three varieties in the market these days. Two of which are liquid lipsticks and one is the regular studded lipstick. If you want to read a full review of these liquid lipsticks by Kat Von D, you can find it here

Lolita 1  which a shade of the everlasting liquid lipsticks by Kat Von D.  It is described as a chestnut rose

Lolita 2 – This is also a liquid lipstick. It is described as a terra cotta nude. I would say this is more on the brown side where as Lolita 1 is more on the pink side

Lolita the lipstick  – Let me start by saying that I love these lipsticks. It is very pigment and easy to apply. The colour selection is amazing. I am wearing it in the shade lolita here. It looks very very similar to the lolita 2 liquid lipstick. This shade is decided as dusty rose, but on me it looks very similar to lolita 2.

I quite like these shades and can see what the hype is all about. I personally prefer Lolita 2.

Hope you find it useful and it helps you in picking the shade. Which are is your favourite ?


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