Innisfree Super Volcanic Pure Clay Mask

I recently purchased this product and have used it a few times. I am new to this brand and when I saw their store in the mall I was very intrigued, so like any good customer I went online and researched their best selling products. This face mask is one of their most popular products.

Since I am new to Korean skincare brands for all those like me here is a little information about the company. Innisfree is a natural korean brand. “Innisfree shares the benefits of nature from the pristine island of Jeju allowing for vibrant beauty and pursues an eco-friendly green life to preserve the balance of nature. ”

The claim

6-in-1 Pore care:
Shrinks pores + Controls sebum + Exfoliates + Deeply cleanses + Brightens tone + Cools

The main ingredient in this mask is Jeju volcanic clay  which is made from minerals released by volcanic explosions in Jeju. It’s categorized as a preserved alkaline resource and is effective in removing sebum and other impurities.

My experience

When I first got this mask I was expecting it to be something like the Sephora purifying clay mask. It is a thick consistency when it is in the jar, after about 15mins the mask dried down completely on the face. 

Does it live upto it’s claim?

  • Shrinks pores – I do feel it makes a difference in the size of the pores. I do not see a magical difference but I will be giving it time and keep using it regularly to see more of a difference
  • Controls sebum – It did control the oil production on my nose. I do have dry skin and it didn’t exaggerate any dryness, which was very surprising. I liked that it was gentle enough while living upto it’s claim.
  • Exfoliates – not sure about this one. Maybe if I rub the mask off instead of washing it with water it would exfoliate. But I prefer washing it off. 
  • Deeply cleanses – It lives upto it’s claim of deeply cleansing the skin. My skin feel squeaky clean after using this mask
  • Brightens tone – It brightening the skin. But the effects are not long lasting. But none of the face masks I have tried have long lasting brightening effects.
  • Cools – It is a treat! The effect is very cooling and it would feel really refreshing in the summer months.

I bought these products from the innisfree store in Delhi (part of my India haul) . They do also sell their products online.

Overall I like this product and would recommend to people with all skin types.

I will also be reviewing the innisfree sheet masks and cushion foundation.


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9 thoughts on “Innisfree Super Volcanic Pure Clay Mask

  1. itsjordanleigh says:

    I love trying new masks, and this one seems like something I would definitely love to try. I haven’t dabbled in any Korean skincare products yet, but I intend to, they always seem one step ahead of us!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. fuckyeahsheetmasks says:

    Great review ūüôā I actually just got this 2 months ago, too and tried it about 3 times now! I totally agree with your review and really like that super clean feeling on my skin! There is also an intense version of this one (I think the name of it is nearly the same though). Maybe I‚Äôll try that when I run out of this one!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. KayEm says:

    will def keep a look out for this! I’m digging the korean skin care lines right now and always in the market to try it too! just gotta find a place near me that sells it…I’m not a fan of ordering things online unfortunately >.>


  4. derpypink says:

    Haha!!! I live in Vancouver, Canada but I surprising got this from their store in Delhi, India. Who knew!! I was visiting over the winter holidays and picked some unique stuff their.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. frithe13th says:

    Whoa–where do you live that you can buy this at a brick and mortar store? I just got into Korean beauty this month too and love all the products so far. I haven’t tried Innisfree yet but heard good things about them!

    Liked by 1 person

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