Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Sheet Masks

Sheets masks are all the rave and I must say I love trying them out.

I have tried a bunch of different brands, so today I will be talking about the Innisfree sheet masks.

I got mine during my recent visit to Delhi, India. I was looking for some nice sheet masks because I didn’t pack any with me. Luckily I found these. So glad I got introduced to this brand in general. I bought four during my visit : Green Tea, Lime, Kiwi and Strawberry. At the time of writing this post, I have already used up strawberry and lime.

About the Masks

The different masks in the series claim to have different benefits so feel free to picks ones that interest you.

The Innisfree It’s real squeeze masks come folded up into individual packets, pretty standard. According to Innisfree these masks have 3 layers which make the mask moist and the essence provides the nutrition to the skin.

Each mask retails for 1.2USD or 100rupee in Delhi.

How to use them

First wash your face thoughly, make sure to get rid of all your makeup. Then follow with your toner. Now, place the mask on your face. Sit back and relax for 15-30mins, depending on what is specified on the mask. I usually go 5-10mins over. Then remove the mask and tap in the excess essence on the face. You don’t need to wash your face afterwards. Follow with your regular skincare routine and off to bed ūüôā
My Experience 

Till now I have tried the strawberry and lime mask.

I really like the strawberry mask. It is relaxing and smoothing. It also smells amazing, which is a huge plus. It has a calming effect and I would recommend this one for all skin types. I really enjoyed using this one and would be going back for more of these.

The lime was is claimed to have a brightening effect on the skin. I did like this mask, the only thing I struggled with was that it did sting a bit for the first few minutes. It is the lime in the mask that caused this. And for this reason I wouldn’t recommend the lime sheet mask to people with sensitive skin or if you have dry patches.


I am very impressed by these sheet masks. They are a great value and a great addition to your skincare regime, especially if your looking to relax and just treat yourself.

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