Tarte Maracuja Oil – review 

Tarte Maracuja Oil
I recently purchased a Tarte Holiday gift set well not recently more like over the holidays and among other things it contained the Maracuja oil which I had heard so much about and really wanted to try it. I got the small size (0.5oz) with this set

The Claim

“A treatment oil that targets individual skin concerns and delivers balanced moisture for firmer, brighter, and smoother-looking skin.

Rich in essential fatty acids known to recharge and replenish skin, Maracuja Oil works to rejuvenate and deliver an even-toned complexion while its infusion of vitamin C creates the appearance of brighter skin. This powerful elixir supports anti-aging and provides instant hydration—quenching dry skin without leaving it feeling greasy or filmy. ”

It is free of mineral oil, sodium lauryl sulfates, and gluten.
The product retails for 18CAD for 0.5oz and 58CAD for 1.7oz and can be purchased from Sephora if you’re in Canada. In US you can also get it at Ulta.

My Experience

Let me start by telling you guys something about by skin:
I have quite dry skin. I had a lot of dry patches around my nose and lips until I discovered the Josie Maran Argan oil which is my holy grail product. But I love trying new face oils to see how they will work on my skin. I was very excited to get this set because I got to try the much talked about Tarte Maracuja Oil

The first thing I noticed about the oil is the packaging. It is gorgeous, it is in a purple bottle with a golden cap! Love !!

The top has a dropper which you press and that picks up the oil. This packing is really popular and can be seen in a lot of products these days!

It has a very distinct smell. I am not a fan of this smell! I highly recommend smelling it before purchasing this product. It is because of the smell that I only use this product during the night and never during my morning routine under my foundation.
I put 3-4 drops on my finger tips and gently massage it on my face, 5 drops to cover both neck and face. Not bad! It is lasting me quite a while.
It has a thin consistency and feels very luxurious on the face. It is absorbed quickly and doesn’t feel oily, sticky or heavy. It very light but moisturizing at the same time.


· Lightweight

· Moisturizing

· Absorbs Quickly


· Strange smell


I really like this oil but not more than the my holy grail Josie Maran Argan oil. That is only because of the smell. If it didn’t have the distinct smell I would like it more but unfortunately it does! I also feel that if I still had dry patches it might not have been able to get rid of them. But that fact that my dry patches didn’t resurface is good enough for me.

Does it live up to it’s claim?

I did notice that my skin is smooth and firm but I didn’t notice any difference in the brightness. I wasn’t expecting a face oil to made my skin brighter anyways.

What I was expecting ?

I was expecting it to keep my skin hydrated and moisturized. I expected that it wouldn’t break me out

Did it lived upto all my expectations?

Yes!!! I am happy with this product.

I also don’t recommend this oil if you have oily skin. For combination skin I would recommend using it only on the parts which are dry. I don’t suffer from acne anymore so I can’t say if it will help in restoring your skins’ moisture that is lost after using acne medication.

Checkout my review of some of the other face oils I have tried:

This is in the order of my favorite to least favorite

1. Josie Maran Argan Oil – review here

2. Fresh Seaberry – review here

3. Caudalie Elixer – Third place because its really expensive (else tied with Fresh Seaberry for second place)

4. Body Shop Vitamin E oil in serum – review here

If you have a favorite face oil for dry skin please let me know, I love trying new products.

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6 thoughts on “Tarte Maracuja Oil – review 

  1. derpypink says:

    It hard to describe the smell, a bit rustic, woodish and nuts combined but a bit wierd. It goes away after a while though.

    I quite like the Fresh Seaberry one as well. I haven’t tried the clinique one, thanks for the suggestion, I love trying new face oils and this will definitely be the next one I try.


  2. mizzjblog says:

    How would you describe the smell?

    I quite liked the Fresh Seaberry as well. Clinique makes a really good facial oil which I’m using right now, as well as Odylique, which is a niche UK brand.


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