Find your Foundation shade

This is the second part of my foundation guide series. You can find the first part which talks about the different kinds of foundation here

I have found myself confused by the numerous shades of foundation and wondered which shade would suit me. Have any of you tried swatching it on your hand and hoping to find a match. After a long time struggle and giving up many times on the way I finally know how to find my right shade.

All of you should keep in mind that most of the time our shade maybe change from summer to winter and also if you self tan.

Here is a step wise guide to help you all find your foundation shade.

Step 1

Find your tone

Finding the tone is relatively easy, remember that your summer and winter tones can be different. Once you have decided on your tone next it’s time to find the undertone.

Step 2

Find your undertone

There are three main undertones.



You have a cool undertone if

  • Veins on your wrist are blueish or purple
  • Silver jewellery looks better on you than gold jewellery
  • Your skin burns fast without sunscreen



You have a warm undertone if

  • Veins on your wrist are slightly greenish or olive
  • Gold jewellery looks better on you than silver jewellery
  • Your skin gets tanned



  • Veins on your wrist are blue-green
  • Silver and gold jewellery looks good on you
  • Your skin tans but it could also burn without sunscreen

Company labels

Tone and undertone are all that you need to get started. A lot of companies label their products differently so for example in MAC the C in NC stands for warm undertone where as W in NW stands for cool undertone.

For L’oreal the W series is for warm undertone, N series is for neutral undertone and C is for cool undertones. I like that L’oreal has labeled their products so intuitively.


If your still unsure of your shade, try going to a local department store, MAC or sephora and get colour matched. Sephora uses a colour IQ system which takes three pictures of your face and uses that to suggest foundations. Once you find a shade or two that matches you perfectly try using a site like to find numerous more shades including drugstore ones.

I used this site to find my shade for my holy grail L’oreal true Match Lumi and Bonjour Healthy Glow Serum Foundation. (Happy to say they both match me very well )

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