Beach Day Essentials

I have a very exciting post for you all today. I was chatting with my lingerie loving friends from Adore Me and learned of their #BeachDayMusts tag. Check out their instagram page here. I love their page:)

Also I am going on vacation in the next few weeks to LA! I am so excited. While deciding what to shop for, I decided to write a post which will get us all in the spirit of summer. Here are my beach day essentials

  1. Tote bag – There are usually quite a few things that we need to carry while going to the beach. I usually take a cute tote which is big enough to hold all my items and which I wouldn’t be scared to keep on the sand. I never carry my leather totes because I am scared of getting sand on them and then I wouldn’t be able to clean them😋. Please tell me I am not the only one who does that.
  2. Beach Towel – I always carry a small towel to sit on and one to dry myself if I decide to head into the water
  3. Sunscreen –  Can’t emphasize the importance of sunscreen. I use a spray on one for my body. its just much easier. There are a lot of difference ones available at the drugstore. I like using Neutrogena  and my current go to for face is : Shiseido Urban Environment Oil-Free UV protector Broad Spectrum SPF42 for Face. Its a very light weight sunscreen and wouldn’t make your skin greasy.
  4. SPF Hat – If your like me and really conscious about protecting your skin from the sun, a big hat can be very useful. It really helps to protect my face from getting sun spots. Don’t forget to use a lip balm or lipstick with SPF as well. I use a lip balm by ROC on my lips. Sephora collection also has some rouge lippies with SPF ☺️
  5. Sunnies – Squiting is no fun, plus it gives wrinkles. Make sure to keep your sunnies on hand. Sunnies looks so cool too :p
  6. Bikini – Self explanatory ☺️
  7. Flip Flops
  8. Dress – I love wearing a cute summer dress over my bikini which gives me the freedom to look cute but stay covered when I want to! I feel too conscious being in a bikini
  9. Book – My favourite thing to do at the beach is to read. I love to lie down and just read, I find it very therapeutic. On the trip I am probably not taking a book well I still have some e-books (they don’t count lol!) I am going with friends and I will be busy talking to them the whole time.
  10. Music
  11. Makeup – I keep my makeup light when on the beach:
    • A lightweight foundation with a dewy finish
    • Eyeliner – Make sure its water proof and wouldn’t smudge if you go into the water. The Makeup Forever Aqua line is great for that.
    • Mascara – My favourite is the Too Faced WaterProof mascara (don’t want racoon eyes lol!).
    • Lip gloss or sometimes I even do a liquid lipstick. I love wearing bright pinks to the beach. One of my favourite is Stila everlasting liquid lipstick in Fiore
    • Blush. I love using the water colour blushes by Stila to the beach. They give a natural flush and don’t look weird if I go into the water.
    • Bronzer – I dont

Whats in your beach day bag?

Also did this is my first polyvore, I was so excited to figure it out. Felt like I was living under a rock to not know about polyvore


This is not a sponsored post. I purchased all the products, all opinions are my own.

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9 thoughts on “Beach Day Essentials

  1. itsjordanleigh says:

    The having two towels on hand is a great idea! I always just bring one and then it gets soaked, ill definitely keep that in mind for my next beach trip!

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