New Urban Decay Vice Lipstick 

Urban Decay completely revamped their lipstick collection and launched the new vice lipsticks this months.

About the product

There are 100 shades of lipsticks and they have 6 different formulas/finishes.

  1. MEGA MATTE: super-intense matte
  2. COMFORT MATTE: our creamiest matte
  3. CREAM: the original: creamy, badass luxury
  4. METALLIZED: cream with a high level of pearl
  5. SHEER: a punch of color with a sheer, shiny finish
  6. SHEER SHIMMER: slightly transparent finish with floating pearl and a smooth texture

I started with buying one, to see how I felt before I made a further investment. The first shade I picked up is Tampered which is a Comfort Matte Finish.

They retail for 21CAD, at par with MAC lipsticks.

My Experience

The first thing I noticed is the packing. I think it is very sleek and modern. It doesn’t feel cheap in anyway and immediately feels like a high quality lipstick.

The following comments definitely apply to the comfort matte formula but I can’t say about the other formulas.

The lipstick itself is very pigment and gives beautiful colour pay off. I am assuming the “sheer” formulae wouldn’t be as pigmented. It is also very creamy and for a matte lipstick it doesn’t feel drying or suck the life out of my lips. It is actually hydrating and comfortable to wear

They apply very smoothly, without any dragging. Also just one layer is good to give an even look. It’s not patchy and I am loving this new formulae. I would compare it to Mac’s Matte formulae in terms of pigment but I find the UD lipstick to be more smooth and hydrating.

Here is the shade Tampered swatched on my lips. It looks a lot darker than in the picture on sephora but I like it. It is unlike anything other shade I own.


I am excited to try some of the other shades and finishes, next on my list is Cream and Mega Matte. Have you guys tried any of their shades? what do you think about them, any other recommendation for shades?

Update: I added to more shades to my collection here are the swatches 

After dark is a comfort Matte shade. 

Frenemy is a cream shade, because it’s so creamy it tends to get in the teeth easier compared to the comfort matte formula. This fushi a pink has a blue undertone to it which I love, because it makes the teeth look whiter ☺️

Here is the swatch


This is not a sponsored post. I purchased all the products, all opinions are my own.

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19 thoughts on “New Urban Decay Vice Lipstick 

  1. derpypink says:

    I agree. that is why I was only able to experiment with one. My local sephora recently got a whole bunch of them, I am really looking forward to spending some quality time in Sephora over the weekend 🙂

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