IMATS Vancouver experience + Haul 2016

It was IMATS weekend in Vancouver two weeks. I was very very excited for it. I have heard so much about IMATS from all the you-tubers and the makeup community and other such make/beauty exhibitions and I really wanted to be a part of it. When i found out that IMATS was happening in Vancouver I obviously had to go. IMATS Vancouver is one of the smallest of all IMATS.
It is a two day event(saturday and sunday) and I decided to attend only one day, saturday since I didn’t feel like I needed more time.
The most popular brands present at the event were
  1.  Makeup Forever – offering 40% off, 50 if you buy 5 foundations or 5 lipstick/lipliners but didn’t have all their products only the most popular ones. They were very disorganised and lets just say I spend 4 hours here to pay (more on that later)
  2. Morphe: They had a huge collection, a long line up but were very organised. Loved this one. Not sure what the discount was here but it was quite comparable to their online price except in CAD.
  3. NARS: They had a very small booth with very limited collection. they ran out of most shades within a few hours. they were also offering 20% off when you buy 4 or more items (which was very difficult since they had very few items)
  4. Stilaz/Frends Beauty: They had a bunch of items including some Lorac palettes, a few Becca blushes, Beauty Blenders, Anastasia Brow and contour items, a few items from the Balm, a few Violet Voss palettes and some lashes (I dont remember the rest) with good price
  5. NYX Cosmetics: They weren’t too busy either and had a decent collection of their items.
  6. Red cherry and Ardelle – they had some really good priced lashes and a good selection. They did have a small line up
  7. Velour Lashes: They had a huge collection of their lashes as well but at a price better than sephora but nothing great. no line up here as well
There were a bunch of other vendors as well: you can find the full list here
Now it’s time for the haul, all the things that I purchased:
It’s in the order of which vendor I went to first
  1. Frends Beauty : Lorac Pro Palette (since no Lorac in canada), Becca mineral blush $32CAD 🙂
  2. Morphe: 350S and two brushes
  3. Makeup Forever:
  4. Velour Lashes:
  5. Red Cherry lashes 
I spend the whole day well pretty much till 4pm at IMATS. Also got to hear the amazing Brian Champagne talk about Instagram, which was one of the best part of the day. If your planning to attend here are some tips for you all.
Tips to attend:
  1. Arrive before time, to make sure your up in the line when the door open
  2.  Carry Cash: A lot of vendors charge credit cards in USD, which turns out to be more expensive
  3. Carry some snack, there arn’t really any places to eat inside
  4. Ins and outs are allowed so it isn’t a problem if you need to go to the wash or your car.
  5. Go to the most popular vendors first
After the event I also got to attend my very first blogger event. I was invited to the IMATS NYX after party
Stay tuned for my next post about the NYX after party


This is not a sponsored post. I purchased all the products, all opinions are my own. All pictures are taken by me unless otherwise stated. Please let me know if you use these pictures.

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