Sunday Pamper Day : Glam Glow Edition


Its sunday and that means its time to show my skin some love and what better way than to get out the very hyped GlamGlow masks.

Glam glow currently has 5 face masks.

1.YouthMud Tingle Exfoliate Treatment


This is a great over all mask. It has a nice fresh smell and it cleans and brightens the skin. Helps with blackheads too, which is a plus.


Even though I like the product, I have two problems with it. One it is quite expensive. It retails for $76 in canada for the 1.7oz (this can be justified if the second problem didn’t exist) and secondly it will dry out if you don’t use it regularly. I used it sparingly only when I want the extra special feel for a big night out or a special event and mine dried out in less than 3 months. I was heartbroken. I would highly recommend getting the small tub of the mask(0.5oz) which costs 21$. Prevents the product from drying out and it actually is cheaper that way (21*3 = 63$ for 1.5oz). Below is a picture of my dried up YouthMud Tingle Exfoliate Treatment

Glam Glow YouthMud Tingle Exfoliate Treatment

2. Super Mud Clearing Treatment

This is my favourite mask among all the glam glow masks. It has a tingling sensation which I like, it feel like its working. It’s great for people with combination to oily skin. It is a bit too drying for people with dry skin in my opinion. Didn’t see much different in my pores (but I don’t really have very many), but my skin felt so soft and clear. Again I would recommend buying the small tub unless you are using it regularly. (I ran out of mine so took a picture from


3. PowerMud Dual Cleanse Treatment

This is one is my least favourite of all glam glow masks. I don’t really see any significant difference in my skin after using this one. It feels like it’s the most gentle cleaning mask of all, so if you have dry skin then I would say this would be a good cleaning mask from the glam glow series. Also the good thing about this one is that, it wouldn’t dry up, which is why I have the full size jar of this one.

4. ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment

I got this one when I was battling extremely dry skin, which had flaky dry patches. I left it overnight instead of wiping it away, just to get the most of this product. This one, I would be scared to use if I was acne prone or had oily skin. But for all of you with dry skin, its a great product. It does leave the skin feeling more hydrated and supple, just healthier in general. My favourite thing about this product is the smell, a delicious coconut smell, it is a real treat. I wouldn’t be using it in the summer anymore because it feels a bit too greasy but I am sure I will be returning to it during the winter months.

5. Flash Mud Brightening Treatment

This is the newest addition to the Glam Glow family and also the only one I have yet to try. So can’t comment too much about it. I will update all of you as soon as I do try it out.


Final Verdict

Best cleansing for combination/oily skin – Super Mud Clearing Treatment

Best for cleansing for dry skin – PowerMud Dual Cleanse Treatment

Best for Hydration – ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment

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